REPORT: NFL’s First Ever Brazil Game Shaping Up To Be Classic Matchup If This Fascinating Rumor Comes True…

Believe it or not, the 2024 NFL season is creeping closer and closer. Although not quite at the speed we all hope, it will be here before we know it.

Commissioner Roger Goodell made news earlier this offseason when he announced that for the first time ever, an NFL game will be played in Brazil.

The league proceeded to upset many traditional fans when they announced this week that the Brazil matchup, slated for September 6th, will air (stream) exclusively on Peacock. 

We know that the Week 1 matchup in São Paulo will feature the Philadelphia Eagles.

(Coming off such a nightmare season, maybe starting in Brazil isn’t the worst of things for the Birds.)

The question everyone has is who will be Philly’s opponent for the historic matchup???

According to reports, the NFL is considering two teams: the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers … An official decision is expected to be made next week. 

Packers president Matt Murphy himself admitted that Green Bay is being strongly considered…

Of course, the game will be more appealing if Green Bay ends up being the opponent.

That’s nothing against the Browns, who are contenders themselves, but the Packers have one of the strongest brands in all of sports, not just football. 

You get the sense that Goodell and the NFL would prefer to make the biggest splash possible for the first ever game in Brazil – which would lead you to think that the Packers would be the likely choice. 

Either way, it’s sure to be a great and meaningful matchup. You truly can’t go wrong with either Cleveland or Green Bay.

The league’s decision to make the matchup a Peacock exclusive has certainly ruffled a few feathers for fans.

(Although, we know how lucrative these types of deals are. They certainly aren’t going away, that’s for sure.)

NBC Sports president Rick Cordella expressed his enthusiasm about the groundbreaking event in a press release.

“It’s exciting for Peacock to exclusively showcase the NFL’s first-ever regular-season game in Brazil as part of NBC Sports’ unprecedented presentation of three primetime games on the NFL’s opening weekend,” NBC Sports president Rick Cordella said.

The downside to the Eagles playing in the game, other than the long travel, is the fact that they are the “home team,” meaning they will lose out on a game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Who do you prefer to be the Eagles opponent: Cleveland or Green Bay?

In the bigger picture, what are your thoughts on the NFL’s continued attempts to “globalize” the sport?

The league has been an enormous success in England, Germany and Mexico.

Besides Brazil, Goodell and company will take the NFL to Spain and surely other countries in the near future. 

What are your thoughts???