REPORT: Judge Makes MAJOR Ruling In Ugly Jerry Jones Case As Rough Offseason In Dallas Continues … What Will Happen??

Dallas County judge Sandra Jackson has upheld a prior court ruling, compelling Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to undergo a paternity test in response to a legal dispute brought forth by 27-year-old Alexandra Davis.

Davis claims that Jones is her father, alleging that she was conceived during a relationship between Jones and her mother, Cynthia Davis, in the mid-1990s.

Jones, the owner of the Cowboys since 1989, had previously reached a financial settlement with Cynthia Davis in 1998, where he agreed to provide financial support as long as he was not identified as Alexandra’s father.

However, Alexandra contests the validity of this agreement, prompting the current lawsuit to establish legal paternity.

In response to the judge’s decision, Alexandra’s lawyer, Kris Hayes, hailed it as a “huge victory.”

In a statement, Hayes remarked, “Alex is in a position where she really no longer has to hide her truth or live under the thumb of fear, and maybe she’s going to finally get some peace, and we hope other families will have that same benefit from the judge following the law.”

During the legal proceedings, Jones’ legal team argued that Cynthia’s husband at the time of the alleged relationship is legally presumed to be the father. However, this argument was dismissed in court.

The ruling sets the stage for a potentially significant revelation regarding Jones’ familial ties.

Jones, who has been married to his wife Eugenia Jones since 1963, has three children with her: Stephen, Charlotte, and Jerry Jones Jr., who hold prominent positions within the Cowboys organization.

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