REPORT: Jon Gruden Out For Blood, Seeking To “Burn The House Down”

Disgraced former coach Jon Gruden is determined to uncover the truth behind the leaking of his emails as his lawsuit against the NFL rages on.

Gruden is convinced that the league orchestrated a career-ending “hit job” on him – and that Commissioner Roger Goodell was the driving force behind it.

He remains steadfast in his pursuit to unravel the mystery surrounding the leak of a series of offensive emails that led to his dismissal.

Engulfed in a legal battle against the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, Gruden has emerged victorious in all court motions thus far, as he fights relentlessly to prove a deliberate conspiracy orchestrated by Goodell to sabotage his career and tarnish his future prospects.

According to ESPN, Gruden has been resolute in his belief that Goodell “pushed the code red” against him, executing a career-ending “kill shot.” Gruden, determined to expose the truth about the identity of those responsible for the leaks, reportedly told associates that he will not settle his lawsuit for any amount, vowing to “burn the house down.”

The NFL, as the defendant in Gruden’s legal battle, must prove its innocence regarding the leaked emails that ultimately led to the coach’s dismissal.

An investigative report released in December, commissioned by Congress, suggested that the Washington Commanders may have been the source of the leak.

Presently, Gruden’s case is under consideration by the Nevada Supreme Court, which will determine whether it proceeds or is subject to arbitration.

In the event of arbitration, the NFL would possess considerable control over the proceedings, potentially limiting public access to critical case details.

The NFL is confident in its case for arbitration, arguing that Gruden had previously agreed to such terms when he signed a lucrative 10-year, $100 million contract to coach the Raiders in 2019.

However, Gruden, now 59 years old, contends that he is no longer bound by that provision, citing his departure from the NFL and the acceptance of a settlement from the Raiders.

The high-stakes legal battle between Gruden and the NFL will be captivating to follow.

Do you believe Gruden’s accusations?

Will he ever coach in the NFL again?