REPORT: Jim Harbaugh’s Chomping At The Bit To Fight The NCAA Tooth & Nail Once Punishment Is Dealt

One thing is for sure – this whole sign-stealing scandal at Michigan is not going away anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, we should be finding out any minute now what concrete evidence the NCAA has regarding their investigation and any involvement head coach Jim Harbaugh may have had.  

According to CBS Sports, penalties that could be dished out by the NCAA could potentially range from a reprimand to probation to a television ban.

The penalties also could include withholding television and bowl game revenue from the university, as well as possible suspensions.

Michigan recently received evidence related to the sign-stealing scandal and a formal notice of potential disciplinary action from the Big Ten, with the university given until Wednesday to respond.

According to CBS Sports, if the Big Ten were to suspend Harbaugh, immediate legal action would be pursued to keep the coach on the sidelines.

Speculations suggest that an injunction or temporary restraining order would be filed promptly, allowing Harbaugh to continue coaching.

The ongoing investigations by both the NCAA and Big Ten revolve around former analyst Connor Stalions and his alleged involvement in improperly scouting opponents.

Notably, even if Harbaugh was unaware of the alleged cheating, it may not serve as a defense if the NCAA presents a Notice of Allegations to Michigan.

The NCAA’s revised coach responsibility bylaw emphasizes that a coach is accountable for the actions of all institutional staff members.

We’ll soon find out what the next step in this messy situation will be … But we do know Harbaugh is ready to combat whatever comes his way.

As far as his Wolverines go, they are arguably the best team in the country. This whole scandal has surely provided an extra chip on their shoulder – as if they needed any more motivation.

What is your take on the whole scandal?

What will end up happening???