REPORT: It’s Looking More & More Likely That THIS Controversial Face Will Be Coming Back To The Raiders … Will He Save Vegas??

The Jon Gruden to the Raiders rumors are not only not going away, they’re picking up steam by the day it seems. 

More and more insiders are reporting that Vegas owner Mark Davis is so infatuated with Gruden that there’s a solid likelihood that he’ll be bringing him back as head coach. 

Hondo Carpenter of Raiders Today said that Davis considers Gruden the person he trusts the most in the entire NFL.

“I am going to tell you there are a lot of people who feel that Mark Davis, more than [Tom] Brady and Jim Gray, the person he trusts the most is Jon Gruden and would love to bring him back,” Carpenter reported. 

“I am hearing from multiple people around the league that if Jon were willing to drop his lawsuit, they believe the NFL would give a passive nod to go back and re-hire him … Everyone keeps talking about Jon Gruden,” he added. 

Fellow NFL insider Benjamin Allbright of KOA Colorado confirmed the swirling rumors.

“For HC, the Gruden rumors are a real thing, but don’t know that it’ll happen,” Allbright tweeted on X.

Gruden stepped down as the head coach of the Raiders during the 2021 season when a series of controversial leaked emails were exposed.

At the time, Gruden was in the fourth season of a 10-year contract.

What are your thoughts on the rumors?

Should the Raiders bring back Gruden?

Would he get things turned around in Vegas???