REPORT: Insider Expects THIS Super Bowl Contender To Lure All-Pro Star Away From Cowboys … Will It Happen??

In many ways, Dallas offensive tackle Tyron Smith is “Mr. Cowboy.”

Not only is he their longest-tenured player, but he continues to play at a very high level and is a beloved leader in the locker room.

However, fresh off being named second-team All-Pro, Smith is entering a bit of a crossroads … At 33-years-old, he’s not getting any younger and he’s about to hit free agency. 

While it would be extremely strange to not see Smith wearing the famous Star on his helmet, one NFL insider believes he will indeed be playing elsewhere next season. 

Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report has speculated that the New York Jets will make a significant run at Smith. 

How close Gang Green are to being (true) Super Bowl contenders is debatable. However, they are clearly in win-now mode and are all-in on their current Aaron Rodgers experiment. 

They may fail miserably, but with Rodgers under center, anything is possible. However, they know for them to make a legitimate run at the Lombardi, they need to vastly improve their offensive line … Smith would be a welcomed addition. 

Davenport elaborated on his Smith-to-the-Jets speculation…

“It’s not that often that a player plays out the entirety of an eight-year contract. But that’s what Tyron Smith just did, polishing off the $97 million extension he signed in 2016. The 33-year-old is the longest-tenured player on the team. And per Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, Smith would prefer to finish out his career where it started.”

“It’s entirely possible that Smith will return to Big D. But the Cowboys are over $20 million in the salary-cap red, and the franchise tag of just under $20 million isn’t an option.”

“If Smith does hit the open market, there’s another team with Super Bowl aspirations that desperately needs to upgrade the offensive line in 2024 (The New York Jets.)”

“The Jets don’t have much cap space at present, but like most teams they will spend the next few weeks freeing some up. Once they do, the No. 1 priority has to be bolstering an offensive line that was hit hard by injuries last year and that Pro Football Network ranked in the NFL’s bottom five last season.”

“The window for this Jets team isn’t going to stay open that long. And given that these Jets are firmly living in the now, signing a veteran like Smith makes sense—even if his missed time in each of the past eight seasons adds a measure of risk to the deal … If there wasn’t some risk, Smith would get nowhere near the open market anyway.”

“Projected Contract: One year, $12 million, $12 million guaranteed”

Davenport highlighted the urgency for the Jets to seize the opportunity to enhance their offensive line, emphasizing that their current roster’s competitive window may not remain open indefinitely.

Smith’s illustrious career includes two first-team and three second-team All-Pro selections, solidifying his status as one of the premier offensive linemen of this generation.

However, concerns persist regarding his durability, as he has been limited to just 30 games over the last four years.

As Davenport pointed out, Smith’s preference is to stay in Dallas. Who can blame him? It’s the only NFL home he’s ever known and there’s nothing he would love more than to help finally deliver Big D a Lombardi Trophy.

What are your thoughts on Smith possibly joining the Jets?

If you’re Smith, and the money is relatively equal, would you prefer to stay in Dallas and try to finish what you’ve started? 

Or do you think he’d have a better chance at a Super Bowl if he teamed up with Rodgers and the Jets???