REPORT: Florida State Will Seemingly Stop At Nothing To Get The Hell Out Of The ACC … But Where Should They Go??

Florida State’s unhappiness with the ACC will surely be a storyline to watch very closely.

It’s clear – and has been clear for a while – that the Seminoles want out of the conference. 

Their Playoff snub only ratcheted up their anger as many within the university felt like their ACC-affiliation was held against them. 

According to college football insider Brett McMurphy of The Action Network, Florida State is in the early stages of exploring a departure that could send shockwaves through the landscape of college sports.

McMurphy drew a parallel, describing the potential impact of Florida State’s departure from the ACC as “Oppenheimer-like,” alluding to the far-reaching consequences and domino effect of such a move. 

He asserts that the university, boasting one of the most significant TV brands in major college sports, might be eyeing a move to either the Big Ten or the SEC.

If the two top conferences won’t accept them, the Big 12 is a third option, McMurphy explained.

The decision to explore new conference options comes in the wake of the College Football Playoff selection committee’s controversial choice to exclude the Seminoles despite their status as the first undefeated Power Five conference champion left out in Playoff history.

This decision has raised questions about the ACC’s standing among the elite conferences, as Florida State had secured victories against several teams ranked in the committee’s top 25.

Should the SEC (or Big Ten) be interested in bringing Florida State in?

How do you value their brand in the overall landscape of college football?

If the Seminoles do end up departing, what will the ripple effects be?

Will Clemson, Miami, and others join them – leading to a permanent collapse of the ACC?

What do you think will end up happening???