REPORT: Eagles Players Are Whining About Their “Predictable” Offense … Is the Sky Falling In Philly??

The Philadelphia Eagles find themselves in a fragile position after suffering back-to-back blowout losses in the past two weeks, raising concerns among their loyal fans.

Despite their strong 10-3 record, it’s clear that they are not the same team as last year’s NFC championship squad … There’s just something missing.

Following their humiliating 33-13 loss to the hated Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, Derrick Gunn of JAKIB Sports, revealed insights from a conversation with an anonymous Eagles player who expressed frustration with the team’s offensive strategies.

“Look at our pass routes compared to the Cowboys pass routes,” Gunn quoted the unnamed player. “Our pass routes take too long to develop. Dallas gets their **** out real quick.”

Gunn’s source criticized the predictability of the Eagles offense, emphasizing the need for quicker and more dynamic plays to keep pace with high-powered opponents like the Cowboys and 49ers. 

Despite averaging 6.2 yards per play against Dallas, the Eagles were plagued by three fumbles that disrupted any offensive momentum.

In the last six games, they have allowed more yards than they gained, a concerning trend for a team that started the season with promise.

To their credit, the Eagles have still managed to win the majority of the games where they’ve struggled … But we all know that act won’t fly come playoff time.

Looking ahead, Philly may find solace in their upcoming schedule, which is one of the softest in football.

After a Monday Night Football clash against the Seattle Seahawks, they’ll play the rival New York Giants twice with a matchup against the 3-10 Arizona Cardinals sandwiched in-between.

Although, the schedule may not be as easy as it seems if the great Tommy Cutlets continue to play the way he is…

What are your thoughts on the Eagles?

What is “missing” from this year’s team?

Will they be able to fix it in-time for the playoffs???