REPORT: Despite One Of The Most Disappointing Seasons In Franchise History, Yankees To Keep Aaron Boone

Despite a disappointing season that saw the New York Yankees miss the postseason for the first time since 1992, manager Aaron Boone is expected to retain his position for the 2024 season,

According to SNY, Boone, who has one year remaining on his contract, is well-supported within the organization and isn’t being blamed for this year’s debacle. 

“Per league sources, Boone is expected back with the Yankees next season,” SNY reported.

“While the exact timing and manner of the announcement remain uncertain, it appears that no formal action is required to retain Boone, given that he is under contract for the upcoming season. The only potential change in Boone’s fate would arise if organizational meetings later this week took an unexpected turn and resulted in his surprise firing, though such an outcome is not anticipated,” SNY’s report continued.

The 50-year-old Boone recently completed his sixth season as the Yankees manager, overseeing a season in which the team finished with a massively disappointing 82-80 record and landed in fourth place in their division.

The Bombers did extended their streak of winning seasons to an impressive 31 years, however, fans of the Pinstripes take no great pride in that due to the long string of underachieving seasons. 

Reflecting on Boone’s managerial style and leadership, captain Aaron Judge recently voiced his support, stating: “He’s got a good feel for the clubhouse, with the 100-win seasons and the things he’s done. He’s just a good communicator.”

“He’s able to hold guys accountable. If he sees things he doesn’t like, he’s going to call you in the office and let you know. He’s just been a great manager year in, year out. I’m looking forward to more years with him,” Judge continued. 

During Boone’s tenure as manager, the Yankees have achieved a record of 509-361 (.585) and secured two American League East titles in 2019 and 2022.

However, the team has not won an American League pennant since 2009, marking a 14-year pennant drought, the second longest in franchise history.

Many Yankees fans wanted both Boone and general manager Brian Cashman gone. Unfortunately for them, it looks like both will be staying in charge in the Bronx. 

That didn’t stop fans from voicing their displeasure on social media…

“Why? He is a huge part of the problem. He doesn’t manage and just lets the team run on autopilot. Rather see one of the Core 4 take over. They know how to win and would be great mentors to the newcomers.”

“Ugh – this just reinforces @Yankees fans’ growing realization that ultimately the problem is Hal (bad ownership decision-making) and we won’t see another World Series until a new ownership group focused on championships makes Hal an offer he can’t refuse… #SelltheYankeesHal.”

“You can’t get different results doing the same thing that hasn’t worked for you. 2024 season has officially ended without beginning…”

Do you think Boone deserves to keep his job?

What about Cashman for that matter?

What do the Yankees need to do this offseason to get back on track?