REPORT: Concern Mounting As 49ers Star Admits He Might Spend “First Couple Days” PARTYING In Las Vegas … Will Distractions Doom The Niners??

Super Bowl week is finally upon us, and we have the perfect matchup on our hands as the San Francisco 49ers will attempt to knock off the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

A fascinating subplot is this Super Bowl will mark the first ever time it’s been hosted in Las Vegas.

On paper, Vegas seems like the ideal city to host such a monstrous event … However, there are very few more “tempting” places on earth and the coaching staffs of both teams would be lying if they said they weren’t at least a tad concerned about potential distractions this week.

Adding fuel to the fire was 49ers cornerback Charvarius Ward who made an interesting comment when asked about spending the week in Sin City ahead of the biggest game of his life…

“Well, this Super Bowl’s in Vegas, so (we) might turn up a little bit the first day or two out there,” he said.

Interestingly, Ward was on the Chiefs team that beat Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers in the Super Bowl four years ago.

He’s been on winning teams the majority of his career and he knows what it takes to win at the highest level … Obviously this entire week is nothing but a business trip for both teams. There’s not a single second that can be spent on partying if you want to be at your absolute best come Super Bowl Sunday.

Perhaps he was just trying to be funny with that comment … Either way, his quote went viral on social media and the football world had plenty to say about it…

“bro you gotta lock in now and turn up after the super bowl. i’m begging you.”

“Don’t like that quote at all.”

“This why Bill belichick couldn’t coach these players anymore lol.”

“ok but please tell me where you’re turning up cuz i will join.”

“Mooney gonna down a bottle of henny the night before the game and then go and lock up Kelce.”

“Yeah because “turning up” before the super bowl is a good idea. Do you not remember the bills from the 90s.”

“I seriously doubt Shanny will allow any fun time in Vegas. Purely business. Plenty of time for fun after.”

“God he’s one of the top “you can tell he HATES doing this shit” players. I doubt many players enjoy answering questions to the media, but he seems to be bored to tears.”

“Ward should focus on turning up on the field and knowing that this movie is starring him and his 49ers.”

“Chiefs by 90.”

“Mahomes over passing yards.”


What are your thoughts on Ward’s comment?

Do you think he was just joking around?

Or should Niners fans be worried that Ward and possibly some teammates are letting loose on the Vegas strip???