REPORT: Clemson, Florida State & UNC Are About To Leave The ACC

We knew this story wouldn’t go away – and we may be nearing a conclusion.

According to reports, Clemson and others may be leaving the ACC in the not-so-distant future.

The Post and Courier reported that the move could materialize “sooner than later,” and to “stay tuned,” leaving many to think that new developments could be happening any minute now. 

The report further speculates that others such as Florida State, North Carolina, and possibly another undisclosed ACC school might also be contemplating a departure from the conference.

With the current landscape in college sports, this hardly comes as a surprise. The ACC may not be on it’s death bed the way some other conferences are, but big programs such as Clemson and Florida State are surely looking to secure their future. 

Leaving the ACC is easier said than done due to massive exit fees associated with the conference and it’s television deal.

What do you think will end up happening?

How do you rank the value of the programs looking to leave?

Is Clemson still the king of the ACC? Or has Florida State overtaken them?