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REPORT: Civil War Might Be Brewing In New England, Friends “Worried” For Belichick

REPORT: Civil War Might Be Brewing In New England, Friends “Worried” For Belichick

Shocking speculation has arisen suggesting that Bill Belichick, arguably the greatest coach of all-time, may be on the hot seat for the 2023 season.

The idea of parting ways with the legendary coach seemed preposterous, given his status and track record. However, recent developments indicate that this possibility may be more realistic than initially thought.

In a column by esteemed writer Ben Volin of The Boston Globe, an intriguing revelation shed light on the relationship between quarterback Mac Jones and owner Robert Kraft.

Volin’s column unveiled a crack in the foundation that Belichick has built over two decades as the leader of the Patriots.

Volin’s sources disclosed that “Belichick’s friends have privately said they are worried that he is on the hot seat in 2023.” This revelation has sparked discussions and raised questions about Belichick’s future with the team.

The Patriots decline as perennial Super Bowl contenders following Tom Brady’s departure in 2020 has been evident.

Over the past three seasons, the team has posted a mediocre 25-25 record in the regular season, failing to qualify for the playoffs twice. In their sole postseason appearance in 2021, the Patriots suffered a devastating 47-17 defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills in the wild card round.

While these statistics capture the team’s struggles on a macro level, there have been other concerning issues that have surfaced in recent seasons.

After a 7-9 record in the post-Brady era of 2020, the Patriots seemed to rebound with the addition of Mac Jones, a talented young quarterback selected in the first round of the 2021 draft.

Although their playoff run ended in disappointment against the Bills, there was optimism that the team was heading in the right direction with Jones at the helm. However, the 2022 season saw the Patriots take a step backward due to Belichick’s unorthodox decision to entrust the offense to Matt Patricia, a coach known for his defensive expertise and lacking experience in offensive play-calling.

The team’s offensive struggles were apparent, with the Patriots boasting the league’s worst red zone offense and the sixth-lowest third-down conversion rate. Furthermore, Mac Jones himself experienced regression after an initially promising rookie season.

These performance setbacks and regressive trends raise concerns that even an owner as patient and supportive as Kraft will reconsider his approach.

The Patriots management has already demonstrated a potentially increased involvement in team operations, as evidenced by the aggressive moves to extend linebackers coach Jerod Mayo’s contract and interview offensive coordinator candidates, ultimately leading to the hiring of Bill O’Brien.

Mayo is thought to be the head coach in waiting.

During the annual League Meeting in March, Kraft expressed his confidence in Belichick’s exceptional abilities while acknowledging the business aspect of the NFL.

“His football intellect and knowledge is unparalleled from what I’ve seen, and when you talk to him, the small things analytically that he looks at,” Kraft stated. “But in the end, this is a business. You either execute and win, or you don’t.”

The upcoming 2023 season will undoubtedly be pivotal for Belichick and the Patriots. It will be crucial for them to demonstrate to Kraft that they are headed in the right direction, aiming for a seventh Super Bowl victory for the franchise.

Should the team fail to meet these expectations, it remains to be seen how Kraft will handle the future of arguably the most significant figure in the franchise’s history (alongside Brady).

Do you think Belichick should be on the hot seat entering the 2023 season?

Has he worn out his welcome in New England?

Whether it’s 2024 or later, who would you like to see succeed Belichick as head coach?



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