REPORT: Big Ten Might Be Moving Title Site 2,000 Miles Away & Fans Are Pissed

The Big Ten is considering moving their conference championship game out of Indianapolis.

The game has been played in Indy since its inception in 2011, but upcoming changes to the conference is causing the Big Ten exploring other hosting options.

According to a report from the Las Vegas Review Journal, the league is in the preliminary stages of exploring Las Vegas as a potential location for its highly anticipated conference title game.

Steve Hill, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, confirmed the league’s interest in a statement to the newspaper.

“The Big Ten has asked us to submit proposals. I’m sure they have asked a number of cities. We are certainly interested, will put our best foot forward and know there is no better place for their football championship,” Hill expressed.

This potential move comes at an intriguing juncture for the Big Ten, as the conference is set to expand its membership by adding prominent West Coast institutions including USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington in 2024.

The inclusion of these new schools has sparked speculation that the league could opt for a west coast location for its championship game, hence the Las Vegas exploration. 

While the conference’s traditional home in Indianapolis has been a staple for several years, the allure of Las Vegas cannot be denied. As one of the top destination cities in the United States, Las Vegas offers a unique blend of entertainment, luxury, and a vibrant atmosphere that’s hard to replicate.

However, there’s predictably a large portion of Big Ten fans who are against the idea of moving the title site west. The concerns are completely understandable, especially considering how traditional of a conference the Big Ten is. 

On the other side, it’s hard to argue that Vegas would be a smash-hit as a host site. Fans from every school within the conference would love to book a winter trip to Vegas to watch their team play for the title. 

What do you think about Las Vegas as a host for the Big Ten Championship game?

Would you rather keep the game in Indy? 

What other cities would make the most sense?