REPORT: Ahead of Deadline, Broncos Open to Trading Six of Their Top Players

As the NFL trade deadline looms next Tuesday, all signs indicate that the Denver Broncos are preparing for a significant roster overhaul.

Currently standing at a disappointing 2-5 record as they gear up for a Week 8 showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos, boasting talent across their lineup, are poised to become active sellers in the trade market. The situation demands a strategic pivot, particularly given the challenges they’ve faced since their Super Bowl 50 triumph. In the past eight seasons, the Broncos have celebrated only one winning season, back in 2016, and have been noticeably absent from the playoff scene.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated recently shared his insights on Denver’s predicament. Breer hinted at the possibility of the Broncos parting ways with their quarterback, Russell Wilson, by 2024. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Breer also noted, “The Broncos seem prepared for a comprehensive restructure, with Payton at the helm. It’s no surprise that they’re entertaining trade offers for key players like Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Garett Bolles, Josey Jewell, Justin Simmons, and even Patrick Surtain II. They need draft picks, and trading these players could be their ticket to a more promising future.”

General Manager George Paton is undoubtedly under pressure, especially considering the steep price the Broncos paid in their bid to acquire Wilson 19 months prior. With a future that looks challenging, Paton may find it wise to trade some of the team’s prime assets in exchange for coveted draft picks, giving them an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a stronger 2024 season.

In essence, the Broncos’ current trajectory suggests a need for a reboot. As they look ahead, the emphasis seems to be on long-term rebuilding rather than short-term fixes.