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REPORT: Aaron Rodgers Took $35 Million Pay-Cut So Jets Could Pursue His All-Pro Best Friend

REPORT: Aaron Rodgers Took $35 Million Pay-Cut So Jets Could Pursue His All-Pro Best Friend
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The New York Jets have gone all-in on Aaron Rodgers. And by all-in, I mean ALL-IN.

They have completely hitched their wagon to the four-time NFL MVP and have done anything and everything to make him happy. 

According to reports, Rodgers allegedly took his massive $35 million pay-cut so that the Jets can trade for his old Packers teammate and best friend, David Bakhtiari.

It’s no secret Gang Green is having some issues along the offensive line, so even though he has injury concerns, Bakhtiari would seemingly be a perfect fit with his old quarterback.

The Jets recently made headlines by signing free agent running back Dalvin Cook, adding another key piece to their offensive arsenal. It’s clear they have a Super Bowl or bust mentality, which is why Bakhtiari would be a great fit.

Again, there are injury concerns with him, not to mention a large contract, but if it will make Rodgers happy, the Jets won’t sweat too much. 

The seasoned 31-year-old offensive tackle is known for his dominant blocking skills. He has long shared a strong bond with Rodgers, with the two having played for a decade in Green Bay.

The Jets have already made efforts to bring in familiar faces from Rodgers’ past. Former Packers teammates Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb have joined the Jets, along with third-string quarterback Tim Boyle, who also shares a history with Rodgers.

Former Packers quarterback Kurt Benkert further fueled speculation during an interview with Kay Adams, suggesting that the reunion between Rodgers and Bakhtiari might be in the works.

A potential trade for Bakhtiari could present challenges for the Green Bay. The move would result in a significant $19 million dead cap hit for the Packers, while also depriving them of their star left tackle.

Despite the financial implications, the trade could offer a $2.25 million overall cap saving for the Packers.

The Jets, eager to solidify their contender status, may be enticed to offer a 2024 third-round draft pick in exchange for Bakhtiari. The potential trade underscores the Jets commitment to assembling a Super Bowl caliber team immediately.

Should the Jets trade for Bakhtiari?

Should the Packers be open to it? What should they command in exchange?

In the bigger picture, can Bakhtiari stay healthy and regain the dominant form which once made him arguably the best offensive tackle in the league?



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