Reds “Accomplish” Embarrassing Feat Not Done In Over 130 Years

The Cincinnati Reds triumphant run through baseball came to a screeching halt as they faced a formidable challenge from their division rivals, the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Brewers pitching staff, led by their ace hurlers, shut down the Reds offense, holding them to a historic zero runs and fewer than eight hits in their three-game series.

At the forefront of the Reds recent success was the dazzling performance of rookie sensation Elly De La Cruz, whose brilliance on the field helped fuel the team’s surge in the standings.

However, the young upstart team found themselves at a loss against the Brewers, unable to find a solution to their dominant pitching.

ESPN Stats and Info reported that the Reds offensive struggles were unprecedented, with this being the first time in at least 130 years that a team failed to score a single run and managed less than eight hits in a three-game series.

“The Reds are the 1st team in at least 130 years with 0 Runs & less than 8 Hits in a 3-game span,” ESPN Stats and Info tweeted.

The MBrewers have long been known for their strength in pitching, but even the most ardent fans couldn’t have predicted the level of dominance displayed during this series.

Cincinnati’s batters seemed unable to find any holes in the Brewers’ defense, and they particularly struggled in crucial runners in scoring position situations.

Despite the three-game shutout, there was a glimmer of hope for the Reds in their performances on the mound and in the field. Their pitching and defense managed to keep the games close, with two of the losses being decided by just one run.

However, these losses came at a crucial time for the Reds, as they conceded their NL Central lead to the surging Brewers.

With the Wild Card race also heating up, the Reds understand that their margin for error is slim.

They’ve been a great story for the majority of the season – but do you believe the Reds will actually make the playoffs this year?