Red Sox Star Speaks Out About Mental Health Struggles: “A Lot Of Fans Want Me Out Of Here”

Boston Red Sox outfielder Jarren Duran, having his best season to date, recently took to social media to share a cryptic message hinting at ongoing mental health struggles.

In an Instagram story posted on Wednesday, Duran shared a video with a caption that raised concerns about his well-being.

“Falling back into that place I fought so hard to get out of..”

The revelation caught the attention of fans and the team’s management alike.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora addressed the situation during a press conference on Thursday, assuring the public that they are aware of Duran’s situation and are committed to providing the necessary support while respecting his privacy.

“We are aware of it and we talked to the player and we’ll keep it private,” Cora stated.

Cora emphasized the unity and support within the organization, highlighting the willingness of Duran’s teammates to be there for him during this challenging time.

“Even now with the struggles, he’s open to go to guys and talk to them understanding that they’re teammates. That’s what we are. Coaches, the support system we have here, the players, we’re all teammates and we want the best for him,” Cora explained.

While the exact nature of Duran’s internal struggles remains unknown, fans rallied behind the young outfielder on social media, offering words of encouragement and well wishes.

Duran’s recent difficulties are disheartening, particularly given his outstanding performance on the field this season.