Red Sox legend David Ortiz Opens Up About Disturbing Extortion Experience After Phone Hack

Famous Boston Red Sox player, David Ortiz, recently faced some security issues. Ortiz shared that some people hacked his phone and got into his bank account, as mentioned by The Spun’s Andrew Gould.

On Wednesday, Ortiz shared a video explaining what happened in Spanish. He mentioned that the person used his bank details wrongly and even threatened to share his private information.

“I’m not making this video just because of the fear of what could come out. I’m also doing it to give you guys, my people, the heads-up not to involve yourself with this situation because (law enforcement agencies) are already taking action on these actions, which are completely illegal,” Ortiz shared.

Ortiz also mentioned that major agencies like the FBI are on the case.

On a related note, Ortiz had a close call on December 28, 2022. A court in the Dominican Republic found 10 people guilty of trying to harm him in 2019. The actual target was someone named Sixto David Fernandez, who was sitting with Ortiz. Sadly, Ortiz just happened to be in the wrong spot at that moment.

After the incident, Ortiz had to go through several medical procedures and spent a long time recovering in a hospital in Boston.