Reaction To Pitch Clock Violation ENDING Game

The new MLB rules will sure take a lot of getting used to.

Some more than others – and none more than the controversial pitch clock.

Between pitches, pitchers have 15 seconds with the bases empty and 20 seconds if there are any runners on base.

However, there are also rules for the batters too – they have to be in the box and READY by the 8 second mark on the clock.

On Saturday, Cal Conley of the Braves found himself in a full-count with two-outs and the bases-loaded in a tie-game against the Red Sox.

Unfortunately for Conley, he was not ready in time, causing umpire John Libka to call strike 3 which ended the game (no extra innings in spring training).

Fans booed as the ballpark was filled with confusion and anger.

Like I said, this is going to take a whole lot of getting used to – from everybody.

Fans reacted to the bizarre sequence on social media…

“Can you imagine a team losing/winning WS game 7 on a pitch clock violation? Also, if it is on a pitcher does the hitter get credited with an RBI? Like a walk w bases loaded.”

“I think the pitch clock is great for the early innings, but you can’t have it late in games. The Red Sox Braves game is a prime example of why it’s gotta be disregarded late in the game. And come October you can’t have it at all.”

“All of y’all who back the pitch clock, go watch the end of the of the braves Red Sox game, this new addition is bullshit.”

“If a guy can’t get in the box in 12 seconds with the bases loaded and 2 outs in a tie game in the last inning, he doesn’t have the game awareness to be a major league player.”

“At then SEVEN second mark, the batter was still not alert. The ump called the violation with six seconds. This is on the batter.”

Needless to say, the 2023 baseball season will sure be interesting…