Reaction To Colts Head Coach Announcement

The Indianapolis Colts have finally named their head coach.

After an extensive search, owner Jim Irsay named Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen as their new head coach.

Steichen did a great job in Philadelphia and he will need to do even better if he hopes to turn things around for the Colts, who were one of the most disappointing teams in the entire league this season.

Originally thought to be a strong roster, it quickly became apparent that Indianapolis has holes everywhere.

What they decide to do with the fourth overall pick in the upcoming draft could be a franchise altering decision.

But that’s for another day…

For the Colts, Tuesday was all about the man who they believe will get their franchise back on track.

“Shane just knocked it out of the park and really showed the qualities that put him above during the whole process as our man,” owner Jim Irsay said.

Said Steichen: “My philosophy is we’re going to throw to score points in this league and run to win… Now, that could look different each week. Sometimes, going into the games, we’re like, ‘Hey, we’re going to throw it a bunch,’ and then we end up running it 45 times. The flow (of the game) is going to dictate that. I know we’ve got some pieces in place to get that done, and we should be ready to roll.”

Fan reaction was overly positive…