REACTION: Rangers “Ace” Max Scherzer Gets BOMBED Once Again & Fans Let Him Have It

Heading back home to Arlington, the Texas Rangers had hoped to take a 3-0 stranglehold on their ALCS series against the Houston Astros.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, they had Max Scherzer on the mound.

Despite being one of the best regular-season pitchers in baseball history, Scherzer has had more than his fair share of playoff collapses – especially in recent years. 

Last night against a desperate Astros lineup was just more of the same…

Reflecting on his disastrous performance, Scherzer emphasized the importance of execution, admitting that he couldn’t locate his pitches the way he needed to.

“I know what I need to do,” he said softly in front of his locker.

Scherzer’s inability to control his slider allowed the Houston hitters to capitalize.

A lineup that had previously been asleep came roaring back alive, led by Jose Altuve.

Rangers manager Bruce Bochy, while acknowledging Scherzer’s rustiness, expressed optimism about him going forward – even hinting at a potential Game 7 start if necessary.

“He’s going to be a little rusty overall. I was really pleased with his stuff. It’s only going to get better … He feels good, that’s what’s important,” Bochy said.

Tonight’s Game 4 is absolutely massive for both teams.

Unfortunately for Texas, Scherzer once again was not able to come through on the big stage.

Needless to say, the baseball world let him have it on social media…

“Max Scherzer pulling up to a new team every season to ruin their World Series chances.”

“Idk why the rangers inserted him for today. He has looked horrendous and really ruins the momentum.”

“We laughed at the Dodger fans when they warned us and the Ranger fans laughed at us when we warned them! I’m sure it’s Max will say it was the weather, umps , ball whatever other excuses he can think of.”

“I saw enough last year with those atrocious performances against ATL and SD to understand why this is so hilarious…and spot on.”

“Everyone knew Scherzer would get rocked. Can’t pitch a lick in the post season. He should retire.”

“Max Scherzer is a huge playoff choker. Ask Mets fans if they’re surprised by this.”

“Rangers to Max Scherzer after the game.”