REACTION: Fans Are Furious Over Rams Shocking FG That Caused The Worst Beat Of All-Time

In a game that had already been decided, the Los Angeles Rams made a shocking decision that left fans, gamblers, and the entire football world speechless.

Despite trailing the San Francisco 49ers by ten points (30-20) with just four seconds remaining, Rams head coach Sean McVay chose to attempt a last-minute, 38-yard field goal.

Sure enough, the kick sailed through the uprights as time expired, resulting in a final score of 30-23 in favor of the 49ers.

As many were well-aware, San Francisco was 7.5 point favorites, meaning McVay’s strange decision to kick the meaningless field goal cost the Niners the cover.

On the flip-side, those who backed the Rams with the points knew they were gifted a mini-miracle thanks to McVay’s surprising decision.

Those Rams-backers included Barstool owner Dave Portnoy…

“Sean McVay has a seat at my dinner table for the rest of his life for kicking that fg down 10 with 4 seconds left,” he tweeted.

Adam Pullen, assistant director of trading at Caesars, spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the crazy sequence. 

“That definitely helped us … We had some puzzled looks in the trading room on why that happened. Obviously, if they were going to kick a field goal, they should’ve did it the play before.”

Former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who was calling the game for FOX, summed up the sentiment succinctly, exclaiming, “Bad beat … oh man.”

These types of things happened every single week during football season. However, due to McVay’s strange and inexplicable decision, this is certainly one of the worst ones.

As is always the case, the sequence caused a war on social media…

“The NFL is pretty f*cking rigged and you should be able to tell when the rams are kicking a useless field goal to help the spread.”

“People who bet niners +8 after rams decide to kick a meaningless field goal.”

“The Feds taking Sean McVay to jail after kicking that field goal to cover Rams +7.5

“The happiest day of my life was three Sundays ago. I was sitting on my daddy’s knee when the Rams, who were seven-and-a-half point underdogs, but only down by ten, kicked a meaningless field goal at the last second to cover the spread.”

“Rams spread backers right now.”

“What the LA Rams just did was truly DIABOLICAL. It doesn’t get any clearer than that folks lol.”

“I want more of this. In age of gambling, I want teams actively looking to cover.”

What do you think the worst beat of all-time is???