RANKING: Here Are The Top 10 BEST Stadium Atmospheres In ALL Of College Football … Are There Any Glaring Omissions??

Amazingly, we are just a little over two months away from the return of college football.

The season will officially kick-off in Dublin, Ireland, as the Florida State Seminoles will take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in an ACC showdown.

But as we all know, it’s stateside where college football truly shines.

The passion. The pageantry. The traditions. All of the epic, unmatched atmospheres across the country are what makes college football so special.

Speaking of which, 247Sports recently revealed their ranking of college football’s 10 best stadium atmospheres ahead of 2024 season.

Here is what they came up with…


“Visiting coaches cannot allow the modest 65,000-seat capacity at Lane Stadium instill a false sense of confidence into their teams. Virginia Tech fans regularly outpunch their weight class when it comes to the decibel meter, making the Hokies’ home field one of the very loudest in college football. The energy starts early, as VT’s field entrance is as iconic as they come. “Enter Sandman” builds excitement throughout the stands, and so too will the Hokies’ play this year as they seek a climb closer to the top of the ACC.”


“Florida State’s War Chant ranks among the most iconic cheers in college football. Seminole fans do the Tomahawk Chop all game long, and with the marching band belting out the accompanying tune, Doak Campbell Stadium becomes filled with electricity and intimidation. When Osceola rides out of the tunnel and plants a flaming spear at midfield, the Florida State faithful rev up their voices and do not relent until the end of the fourth quarter. The home crowd became even more engaged last season when the ‘Noles rattled off a perfect regular season, and more success should be on the way this fall.”


“On-field struggles over the last decade have not stopped Nebraska fans from showing out in full force. This is perhaps the most loyal fanbase in the nation and is responsible for the longest sellout streak in NCAA history at 396 games and counting. Husker fans are some of the most passionate yet welcoming people in college football and could be rewarded with a better team this year as Dylan Raiola receives the keys to the offense as perhaps the most exciting young quarterback in the land.”


“Gainesville had better be a hostile environment this year, because Florida faces quite possibly the most brutal schedule in recent history. The Gators’ fan support is about as reliable as it comes, and the heat and humidity inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium plays an equal role in dragging down opponents. From the Gator Chomp to the “I Won’t Back Down” sing-along, Florida fans have some of the best traditions out there. And when visitors line up for crucial plays, there are few stadiums louder than this one.”


“Ohio State boasts a massive alumni base and is one of the most popular programs in college football, and as such, the Buckeyes have zero problems filling a massive 102,780-seat facility. “The Best Damn Band in the Land” is aptly named and creates a uniquely collegiate atmosphere, while fans let visiting teams know just how unwelcome they are at Ohio Stadium. Every two years when Michigan comes to town, this place takes its hostility up another notch to a level unmatched by any school in the nation.”


“There is something unique about the Texas A&M fanbase, and while other teams may mock their traditions, the Aggies present a boisterous crowd and one-of-a-kind game day atmosphere. The 12th Man is a difference maker, and its Midnight Yell gets the ball rolling for what always promises to be an electric few hours at Kyle Field. When rival Texas returns to College Station this fall for the first time in more than a decade, the SEC’s largest stadium figures to give one of the most intimidating renditions of the Aggie War Hymn to date.”


“Auburn takes college football traditions to the next level with its pregame War Eagle flight and postgame celebrations at Toomer’s Corner. That passion also makes Jordan-Hare Stadium one of the loudest in the sport. There is a unique combination of pageantry and hostility at Auburn football games that makes this venue a must-visit for any diehard fan — Tiger faithful or not. Watch the end zone camera shake during the famous Kick Six, and you will see just how raucous the stands can be at their peak.”


“Tennessee’s climb back to national prominence during the Josh Heupel era re-invigorated a fanbase hungry to compete at the top of the college football world. The Neyland Stadium experience returned to elite form and delivered a celebration for the ages after the Vols toppled Alabama in the 2022 rivalry battle. That amount of passion is on full display every time the Vols run through the T and every time the band blasts Rocky Top through the more than 100,000 seats in Knoxville.”


“There is no more awe-inspiring sight in college football than a Penn State white-out game. Once a year, over 100,000 fans don all-white clothing and ramp their energy up a notch, creating arguably the greatest environment of any game on any campus all year. When they band together to belt out the We Are Penn State chant, the proud Nittany Lion fans generate a rowdy atmosphere that is not only must-see television but also a staple on die-hard college football fans’ bucket lists. Beaver Stadium is a raucous environment against any opponent at any time of day, and the same cannot be said for some of the other top venues.”


“Tiger Stadium often ranks as the best venue in which to watch a college football game, and for good reason. There is something truly special about Death Valley, which stands among the SEC’s largest venues and is home to one of the most faithful and passionate fanbases in the sport. LSU fans host arguably the premier tailgating scene in the country, highlighting pregame festivities that rival those of any other program. Opponents who dare enter Baton Rouge for a night game are in for perhaps the loudest and most hostile outings of their lives.”

What are your thoughts on 247Sports’ top 10 ranking?

What did they get right? … What did they get wrong?

What does YOUR personal top 10 look like when it comes to the best stadium atmospheres in all of college football???