Rams’ Aaron Donald Stuns Fans with Chokehold on Teammate in Training Session (VIDEO)

Aaron Donald, the Los Angeles Rams’ defensive powerhouse, has left fans bewildered with his unconventional training methods.

Weighing in at 290 lbs, Donald’s physicality on the field is unparalleled, and his workout videos have become the stuff of legend. However, a recent drill involving undrafted teammate Taron Vincent raised eyebrows, looking more reminiscent of a WWE showdown than standard NFL training.

While linemen often practice techniques to push back opponents or control by the collar, going full throttle on a teammate isn’t an everyday sight in NFL training. The visual conjured up comparisons to wrestling giants like the Undertaker or Kane rather than typical on-field maneuvers. The video clip left fans questioning the nature of the drill.

That said, Donald’s chokehold on Vincent showcased a technique straight out of pro-wrestling. Perhaps, as Donald’s football journey progresses towards its twilight, wrestling outfits like AEW or WWE might consider bringing him into their fold.

Regardless of the outlandish drill, there’s no denying Donald’s stature in the NFL. He is a surefire future Hall of Famer. Even though his 2022 stats, with 5 sacks and 49 tackles, might suggest a dip in form, expectations remain high for the upcoming season. While many might see a flag in his unconventional training, if it aids his performance, why not?

Yet, given the sheer intensity of Donald’s chokehold drill on Vincent, one is left to wonder: who’d have the courage to ask Aaron Donald to ease up?