Home NCAA QB Jordan Travis Is Mature Beyond His Years: But Can He Lead FSU To Playoff??

QB Jordan Travis Is Mature Beyond His Years: But Can He Lead FSU To Playoff??

QB Jordan Travis Is Mature Beyond His Years: But Can He Lead FSU To Playoff??

One of the biggest names entering this season is Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis. After a breakout 10-win season under Coach Mike Norvell in 2022, the Seminoles face elevated expectations, and much of their success this year hinges on the performance of their talented signal-caller.

Travis, who has already garnered attention in the preseason Heisman Trophy discussion, had an impressive 2022 season, throwing for 3,214 yards and 24 touchdowns while completing 64% of his passes.

The spotlight may be shining brightly on him, but Travis knows that success lies in the hands of the entire team.

“Confidence is the main thing for this football team,” Travis confidently told ACC Network at the ACC Football Kickoff in Charlotte. “If we are confident, we are going to be special [this season]. Confidence comes from the work, and that is what Coach Norvell preaches all the time. But the feeling this year feels very different from last year. I was very happy with last year. It’s going to be fun.”

The quarterback is well-aware of the potential of his supporting cast, including standout receiver Johnny Wilson, who led the team with 897 receiving yards last year, and defensive end Jared Verse, a prominent force on the defensive side with nine sacks in 2022.

Norvell praised Travis not only for his athletic ability but also for his character and leadership qualities.

“You sit there and watch all the things he can do on the field,” Norvell said. “But it’s his heart [that stands out]. The heart he has and how much he cares about his teammates – he has a humble spirit.”

“He shows up to work to make others better. When you have that trait at quarterback, he is what I want Florida State to look like.. He’s a special person.”

As the new season kicks off with a highly anticipated clash against LSU on September 3rd, Travis is well-aware that his overall legacy at Florida State will be shaped not only by his on-field performance but also by his actions off the field.

“I want to have a legacy of being a hard worker and a great person who always treats everyone right,” Travis passionately stated. 

“I want to be a winner. That’s one of the main things for me. You have to go in and win the game. Our job as players is to help the team win, and I want to be remembered as one.”

You have to love what you hear out of Travis. He is very easy to root for.

Do you think the Seminoles will be for real this year?

Do you think they have a realistic shot to be a Playoff team?



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