“PUT THE F*CKING BEST FOUR TEAMS IN!!!”: Kirk Herbstreit Has Had ENOUGH Of The Playoff Committee’s BS

Kirk Herbstreit is arguably the most respected voice in all of college football.

Appearing on Barstool’s “Pardon My Take,” Herbie expressed passionate opinions about the College Football Playoff selection process, emphasizing the committee’s responsibility to prioritize the best four teams above all. 

“Their job is to put the best four teams in the Playoff,” Herbstreit asserted. “Now again, it’s subjective. Who you think and I think are the best four are different, and that’s fine.”

“But that’s what that group is supposed to do … Not, ‘What do we think about ratings?’ That’s bullsh*t. Put the f*cking best four teams in the game!”

Herbstreit’s remarks were prompted by a question regarding Florida State’s potential inclusion if they secure the ACC title by defeating Louisville on Saturday.

He expressed his belief that the committee should not feel obligated to include a team solely based on an undefeated record.

Reflecting on last year’s semifinal matchups, Herbstreit highlighted their closeness but criticized the overall average point margin in 19.

He passionately referred to last year’s semifinals as a “disaster” during ESPN’s CFP rankings reveal, hinting that the committee did not put the four truly best teams in the playoff. 

There are many different ways championship weekend could play out … And there are multiple scenarios that could wreak havoc on the playoff picture.

No matter what happens, multiple teams are going to be furious – This year more so than ever.

What do you want to see happen this weekend?

Are you rooting for total chaos? … (I’m sure 99% of you are!)

Who do you think are the four BEST teams in the country?

Will Florida State end up getting screwed???