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“Prove Him Wrong!!”: Zach Wilson Is Tired Of Getting Beat Up, Out To Shut Broadway Joe Up

“Prove Him Wrong!!”: Zach Wilson Is Tired Of Getting Beat Up, Out To Shut Broadway Joe Up
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It has not been a good week (and few years) for New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

The former #2 overall pick has faced a barrage of criticism from virtually everyone in the Tri-State area. Interestingly, that includes the greatest Jet in franchise history – Joe Namath.

Earlier this week, Namath went on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN radio in New York and absolutely destroyed Wilson.

Broadway Joe called Wilson’s performance against the New England Patriots “disgusting,” and pleaded for the front office to get rid of him.

That’s gotta hurt … But it doesn’t mean it’s not deserved.

Facing the music, Wilson admitted to reporters that he needs to play better and had the following response for the legendary Namath…

“I mean, he’s passionate,” Wilson said. “He’s obviously one of the greats, so as an offense, we’ve got to do everything we can to try to prove him wrong.”

“Obviously, Joe was an unbelievable player, but this locker room is very tight-knit, and we’re working to get better.”

While the Hall of Famer’s comments undoubtedly stung, the Jets organization refrained from firing back, out of respect for their legendary former player.

Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett echoed Wilson’s sentiments, acknowledging Namath’s right to his opinion while affirming the team’s determination to prove him wrong.

Tight end Tyler Conklin was a little more honest, saying: “I don’t like it because that’s my teammate … I don’t like it. It’s harsh to say that.”

With the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs (and Taylor Swift) set to invade the Meadowlands tomorrow night, all eyes will be on Wilson to see if he can turn things around.

It’ll be a very tall task for Wilson and the Jets. Things will most likely get even uglier. 

What do you think the Jets should do at quarterback?



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