Prominent NFL Reporter Gives SHOCKING Bill Belichick Prediction … Has It Really Come To THIS??

The New England Patriots have officially hit rock bottom.

Following their lifeless 10-7 loss to the Tommy DeVito-led New York Giants, head coach Bill Belichick could only muster 50 total words over the duration of his postgame press conference. 

What was once thought to be impossible now seems inevitable – Bill Belichick will (most likely) be coaching elsewhere next season.

He reportedly signed a contract extension during the offseason. So how exactly will the divorce happen? Will owner Robert Kraft just outright fire him? … Maybe. Maybe not.

According to longtime ESPN NFL reporter Sal Paolantonio, there’s another scenario that’s much more likely.

Paolantonio foresees Kraft and the Patriots trading Belichick … It’s very rare, but coaches can indeed be traded. 

“They’re not going to fire Bill Belichick, they’re going to trade Bill Belichick. They have the rights to Bill Belichick, so this is the big decision,” Paolantonio said on ESPN.

“Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft, they have to sit down with Bill Belichick and say, ‘All right, we have a big opportunity. You have an opportunity to perhaps go to the LA Chargers.”

“We’re talking the Spanos family, and we’re going to make a trade for you … You can get the record Don Shula has for most wins with Justin Herbert, with the LA Chargers.’”

“But it’s a big divorce, no question about it. It will be the number one story of the offseason: What’s happening with Bill Belichick,” Paolantonio added. 

While the Chargers are prominently mentioned in trade discussions, they are not the sole contenders for Belichick’s services.

Brandon Staley, currently in his third season as head coach of the Chargers, is facing mounting pressure as his team grapples with yet another disappointing season.

(Almost as disappointing as New England’s…)

The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders are also said to be interested in possibly pursuing Belichick.

Can you envision the greatest coach of all-time wearing the star of America’s Team???

Would Jerry Jones have it within him to actually step aside and let Belichick do his thing?

Would Washington be a better situation? … (I didn’t think so.)

What if all these rumors are just a bunch of BS, and Belichick ends up staying in New England with a shiny top draft pick come April?

Maybe that’s the masterplan all along…

What do you think will end up happening with Belichick???