Prominent NFL Insider Virtually Guarantees The Broncos Will CUT Russell Wilson

A prominent ESPN NFL insider feels that there’s a strong chance the Denver Broncos will cut ties with the (very) high-priced Russell Wilson.

It’s no secret Wilson has been an absolute disaster in Denver … There are very few, if any, greater examples of a player completely falling off a cliff as a bad as Wilson has. 

Dan Graziano was asked to evaluate the level of concern among Denver fans regarding Wilson’s colossal $245 million contract, using a scale of 1 to 10.

“10, and I wish I could go higher … I think the Broncos have to bite the bullet and cut him before the 2025 guarantees kick in next March. Designate him a post-June 1 cut, take the $35.4 million dead money hit in 2024, another $49 million or so in 2025, and draft a QB to rebuild around,” Graziano said.

“This is a bigger project than I think coach Sean Payton expected, and a reset is probably the best way to go. If you’re going to have a quarterback on a rookie deal for the next couple of seasons, you can afford to absorb those dead money hits,” he added.

Wilson is a horrendous 5-16 during his Broncos tenure.

There was hope that Payton could possibly fix him and get him back on track.

However, it’s becoming clearer and clearer by the week that Wilson may be permanently washed up. 

What do you think the Broncos should do with Wilson?

Should they just bite the expensive bullet and kick him to the curb???