Prominent Analyst Says Jim Harbaugh Will Be Taking THIS NFL Job … But Would It Be A Mistake??

For the third consecutive year, Jim Harbaugh has guided the Michigan Wolverines to the College Football Playoff.

This looks to be the year that he and Wolverines finally win the national championship.

NFL fans hoping to have a chance at Harbaugh should probably be rooting for Michigan to win it all. You would think there’s a better chance of him leaving Ann Arbor off a national title rather than coming up short.

Of course, Michigan is going to do all they can to try to keep Harbaugh – and there’s already reports of a potential contract extension being in the works.

But if the Wolverines win it all, Harbaugh might have a “mission accomplished” feeling that in turn ignites his itch to return to the NFL. 

FOX Sports analyst Chris Fallica is a believer in this theory – and he predicts that the lucky NFL team that will land Harbaugh is the Los Angeles Chargers. 

“I would think that he will be the coach of the Los Angeles Chargers this time next year,” Fallica said on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd.”

Highlighting the appeal of the potential move, Fallica pointed out Harbaugh’s prior coaching experience in Southern California with San Diego, the San Francisco 49ers, and Stanford.

“This is a great situation for him. You get a great stadium, you get Austin Ekeler, you get Justin Herbert, Joey Bosa,” Fallica added.

“I believe Brandon Staley’s days are numbered,” Fallica commented, opening the door for Harbaugh to potentially take over the coaching reins.

Saying that Staley’s days may be numbered is the understatement of the century.

After last night’s debacle in Vegas, it’s clear that Staley has virtually no chance of not being fired.

Where do you think Harbaugh will end up?

Would the Chargers be the best spot for him?

Or do you think he’ll end up staying at Michigan???