“Prime Got Lucky”: All The Best Reactions From The Colorado-Colorado State Instant CLASSIC

Colorado-Colorado State was the most hyped matchup of the weekend. But not because people expected it to be a close game. 

Deion Sanders mania has taken the college football world, and the sports world for that matter, by storm.

Saturday night’s primetime matchup against the Rams was expected to be a 3+ hour party of Prime and his sons flexing their muscles for the country.

As it turned out, Colorado State has other plans in mind. They were quick to remind the Buffaloes that there were two teams playing in the game, not one.

When it was all said and done, it was undoubtedly the best game of the season thus far. Unfortunately for the Rams, they let the game slip through their fingertips.

They had a chance to pull off the shocking upset – and should have. But Shedeur Sanders had a Heisman moment as he went into “Brady Mode” and orchestrated a 98-yard touchdown drive that help tie the game and send it to overtime.

As the world knows, the Buffaloes ended up completing the improbable comeback and came away with a thrilling 43-35 victory that left the Rams in shock.

Colorado State had entered the game as a 23-point underdog yet held an 11-point lead in the fourth quarter – only to blow it in heartbreaking fashion.

“To be great, you have to be resilient,” said a very proud and exhausted Coach Prime.

It was an extremely chippy game that was filled with trash-talk and big hits. In other words, it was exactly what a rivalry game should be.

As expected, the game was the top subject on social media. (When was the last time we have ever said that about a Colorado-Colorado State game?… Never of course.)

The path will now get a whole lot tougher for Deion’s team going forward. If they truly want to make legitimate noise, they should try beating Oregon this coming Saturday (something they are definitely not expected to do).

But before then, lets relive the best reactions from Saturday’s classic…

“Colorado Buffaloes and Colorado State Rams beefing on the field pregame … Apparently a CSU player swatted a pass intended for Travis Hunter out of the air … Shedeur Sanders is right in the middle of it.”

“Some pre-game pleasantries between the #CUBuffs and #CSURams. Travis Hunter was loving it, and he went over to fire up the student section.”

“This is the negative side of coaching a team like Coach Sanders. Where’s the integrity. Looks like a local high school game. Fighting and arguing between players. Embarrassing.”

“Colorado State didn’t deserve to win this game — so many dirty plays, unnecessary hits, obvious targeting, etc … They had 16+ penalties and it seemed like they were TRYING to hurt someone … Sent Travis Hunter to the hospital.”

“Colorado is such a dirty, overrated team. Here’s what they don’t want you to see … I’m so glad I grew up a Colorado State fan.”

“We’re all up at 2am watching a Colorado vs. Colorado State game in OT.”


“Looks like his son was like “ dad you want me to shut this down right quick?”. Then coach responds with “No, son, stand down on this one.”

“You storm the field in a double OT victory against a team you were supposed to beat by more than 20? Yeesh.”

“I’m in tears. The Prime haters were clinking champagne glasses and chortling. They thought they had him. “Ladies and gentleman, we got him.” But then Prime escapes and gets yet another W … maybe next week boys!!!”

“Act like you’ve been there before … It took double OT to at home to beat a bad G5 team that committed 17 penalties & 4 turnovers. I think most people were just surprised they had to pay close attention to the TV for the entire game considering Washington St. won at CSU by 26 two weeks ago. Oregon is going to throttle the Buffs at Autzen next week.”

“East coasters when the Colorado vs Colorado State game finally ends.”

“I was begging for the game to end now I can’t even sleep.” — “Everybody got adrenaline coursing thru their veins right now.”

“I have too much adrenaline to sleep.”

“ShedeurSanders learning from the best TomBrady.”

“All I was thinking was Brady mode” … -Shedeur Sanders on his 98-yard game-tying TD drive.”

What did you think of the game?

Do you give Colorado any chance to beat Oregon on Saturday?

Or will the honeymoon come to a crashing halt?