Home NFL Prestigious QB Tier Rankings Angers Fans With Several Shocking Head-Scratchers

Prestigious QB Tier Rankings Angers Fans With Several Shocking Head-Scratchers

Prestigious QB Tier Rankings Angers Fans With Several Shocking Head-Scratchers
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In one of the most anticipated columns/polls of the year, The Athletic’s Mike Sando released the 2023 version of the NFL Quarterback Tiers.

The annual Quarterback Tiers column is a comprehensive ranking system compiled with input from 50 NFL coaches and executives. The rankings, which assess the performance and potential of 30 quarterbacks, provide valuable insights into how league insiders perceive the current state of quarterback talent in the NFL.

The insiders, consisting of eight general managers, ten head coaches, 15 coordinators, ten executives, four quarterback coaches, and three individuals involved in coaching/analytics, meticulously ranked the quarterbacks into four distinct tiers based on their evaluations.

Broken down into four tiers, this year’s list is as follows…

Tier 1:
1) Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes
2) Bengals, Joe Burrow
3) Bills Josh, Allen
4) Jets Aaron, Rodgers
5) Chargers, Justin Herbert

Tier 2:
6) Eagles, Jalen Hurts
7) Ravens, Lamar Jackson
8) Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence
9) Cowboys, Dak Prescott
10) Rams, Matthew Stafford
11) Browns, Deshaun Watson
12) Vikings, Kirk Cousins

Tier 3:
13) Cardinals, Kyler Murray
14) Saints, Derek Carr
15) Lions, Jared Goff
16) Broncos, Russell Wilson
17) Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa
18) Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo
19) Giants, Daniel Jones
20) Seahawks, Geno Smith
21) Bears, Justin Fields
22) Titans, Ryan Tannehill
23) Patriots, Mac Jones

Tier 4:
24) 49ers, Brock Purdy
25) Steelers, Kenny Pickett
26) Packers, Jordan Love
27) Bucs, Baker Mayfield
28) Commanders, Sam Howell
29) Falcons, Desmond Ridder
30) Colts, Gardner Minshew

Notably, there were no quarterbacks placed in Tier 5 this year, indicating a higher overall standard of performance across the league.

It’s important to mention that rookies were not included in the survey, as they have yet to make their mark in the NFL. The rankings focus solely on veteran quarterbacks, highlighting their performance and experience as key factors in the evaluations.

What do you think of the rankings?

Who would you rank higher or lower?



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