Potential Replacements For Alex Grinch In USC Football Rumors: Jim Leonhard And Tony White On The List

USC Football Makes a Defensive Coordinator Change Amid Disappointing Season

With the 2023 college football season drawing to a close, USC football has made a significant move by parting ways with defensive coordinator Alex Grinch. While it may not salvage this season, it signals an acknowledgment of the colossal disappointment the Trojans have endured in recent weeks.

For head coach Lincoln Riley, this decision holds considerable weight. It underscores his commitment to the program’s long-term success. USC’s performance in the 2024-25 season hinges on finding the right candidate to fill the defensive coordinator position. Riley’s legacy with the Trojans is also at stake.

The coaching fraternity offers promising candidates, with Jim Leonhard emerging as a top contender. Currently a senior analyst at Illinois and former interim head coach at Wisconsin, Leonhard is a noteworthy name in the mix, according to Bruce Feldman of The Athletic. He is known for his defensive expertise and could bring a fresh approach to USC, especially as the team transitions to the Big Ten Conference in 2024.

Another potential candidate is Nebraska’s defensive coordinator, Tony White. White previously worked wonders at Syracuse in a similar role and has a deep understanding of both the Pac-12 and Big Ten styles, thanks to his past experiences with Arizona State and UCLA. This dual expertise makes him a compelling option for USC.

Whoever takes up the role will encounter immediate pressure. USC football can no longer rely on the benefit of the doubt. The urgency to rebuild and improve is paramount, and there is no time to waste.