Possible Evidence That The Super Bowl Was RIGGED!

It’s no secret the playing turf was a major, major problem on Super Bowl Sunday.

If you took a shot every time a player slipped on the field, you’d be dead by the second quarter.

Needless to say, it’s absolutely inexcusable for any NFL game to be played on that field, let alone the SUPER BOWL!

The amount of slips was astonishing – especially considering the field took nearly two years to prepare and cost $800,000.

What’s even more astonishing is the fact that the same exact person has been in charge of the field for every single Super Bowl – all 57 of them.

That person would be 94 year old George Toma, better known as “The Sodfather”.

You can chalk the horrific field up to having a 94 year old in charge of it – but the real problem arises when you realize that Toma is a die-hard Kansas City fan and has a long history of groundskeeping for the Chiefs.

In the past, he even had to be told by commissioner Roger Goodell to not openly root for the Chiefs.

One might argue that yes, the field was terrible, but it was terrible for BOTH teams.

That would be true, however, it was very apparent that the pathetic field affected the Eagles way more than the Chiefs.

Ollie Connelly of Guardian US, Gridiron and The Read-Optional charted all of the slips and falls in the game…

That’s an enormous difference between the two teams.

It’s further suspicious that many of the Eagles were forced to change cleats, while no Chief did.

Was this an inside job to help Kansas City win? – Some think so…

It’s thing’s like this that drive the conspiracy theorists crazy…