Popular Columnist Says Lane Kiffin Should Be FIRED If Ole Miss Loses & Lane Heard All Of It

There are few larger lightning-rods in all of college football than Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin.

Despite his tendency to choke in big games, Kiffin is a damn good coach with an even better personality.

That personality was on display this week when he tweeted out an article that called for him to be fired if the Rebs lose against Auburn tomorrow.

That article was written by AL.com’s Joseph Goodman who made it clear that Kiffin’s team has absolutely no business losing to the Tigers.

“Let’s just put this out there. If Lane Kiffin loses to Auburn on Saturday, then he should be fired on the spot and never hired again to coach college or high school football in the United States of America,” Goodman wrote.

“Maybe he can get a job in Italy or Iceland or Slovenia or somewhere nice like that. That’s fine. It doesn’t have to be torture for Kiffin — I mean, I kinda like the guy — but a loss to Auburn this weekend gets the States-side coaching card revoked no questions asked and on the spot. There would be no living that down ever. It goes in the obit.”

Jeez, don’t hold back Joey.

Despite the hate, Kiffin posted the article on his X account…

He also posted a more positive column … This one from the Clarion-Ledger, which highlighted the fact that Ole Miss can secure consecutive victories against Auburn for the first time in seventy years…

Love him or hate him, you have to admit Kiffin is always entertaining.

For the record, it would indeed be extremely disappointing if Kiffin’s explosive Rebs do lose to Auburn … Not sure it would be a fire-on-the-spot offense, but disappointing nonetheless. 

The matchup is set to kick-off at Jordan-Hare Stadium at 7pm EST.

Who do you think will win?

In the bigger picture, what are your thoughts on Kiffin as a coach?