PHOTOS: Julian Edelman Recalls Dating Jerry Rice’s Daughter In High School

In an intimate conversation with Jason and Travis Kelce on their New Heights podcast, former New England Patriots star wide receiver, Julian Edelman, opened up about a fascinating run-in he had with legendary NFL receiver, Jerry Rice, during his high school days.

Fondly reminiscing about his Bay Area roots, Edelman recounted the time he attended his high school prom with Jacqui Rice, Jerry Rice’s eldest daughter, and the memorable moments he spent with the Hall of Fame receiver.

Growing up in California’s Bay Area, Edelman had the unique privilege of witnessing Jerry Rice’s greatness firsthand during his time with the San Francisco 49ers.

Looking back on his teenage years, Edelman expressed his admiration for Rice and his daughter and the lasting impression they made on him.

“She took me to the prom, that is true,” Edelman shared with a smile, proudly reminiscing about his prom night with Jacqui Rice, a moment that remains etched in his memory.

Being a fan of Rice and the 49ers, Edelman would often visit the 49ers’ facilities, hoping to catch a glimpse of his idol. He recalled entering Rice’s office on multiple occasions, surrounded by an array of football memorabilia, including Super Bowl balls and jerseys.

“He was never there. I’d be over there playing with balls, Super Bowl balls. I saw jerseys, it was crazy. Jerry Rice, bro, I was a Bay Area kid,” Edelman said, chuckling at the thought of being surrounded by the gear of a football legend.

Edelman further recounted the first time he met Jerry Rice in person. “He came out yoked up, six packed up with his chains on, dreads that are starting back here,” Edelman described, clearly impressed by Rice’s imposing presence. The encounter took place during Rice’s stint with the then-Oakland Raiders.

Reflecting on the Rice family, Edelman spoke warmly about the kindness and hospitality he experienced during his time with them. “The family was awesome,” he expressed with genuine affection, “They were all cool, and still friends to this day.”

The meeting with Jerry Rice left an indelible mark on Edelman, inspiring him to work tirelessly towards his dream of becoming a professional football player. Like Rice, Edelman eventually achieved greatness in the NFL, becoming one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets during the New England Patriots’ successful run.

As Edelman continues to embrace retirement from the NFL, moments like these serve as cherished reminders of his humble beginnings and the mentors who played a significant role in shaping his remarkable journey from a Bay Area kid to a Super Bowl champion.