PHOTOS & DM’s: “Plus-Size” Influencer Accuses Tyreek Hill Of Breaking Her Leg With “Crushing Force” … What The Hell Happened?!?

Miami Dolphins All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill may be the most electrifying player on the field … He may also be the most dramatic off of it as well.

Between the arrests, lawsuits, paternity cases and the recent divorce-filing drama, there never seems to be a dull moment with Hill.

The latest drama involves Sophie Hall, a prominent plus-size model and social media influencer…

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Sophie has filed a lawsuit against Hill, alleging he fractured her leg during an “incident” at his Miami mansion, leading to significant injuries requiring surgery and ongoing medical treatment.

In the lawsuit filed in Broward County Court on February 23, Hall is seeking over $50,000 in damages, accusing Hill of battery, assault, and negligence.

The incident, as described in the legal filing, occurred during what Hall claims was a “friendly football lesson” at Hill’s residence.

“Ms. Hall now brings this action to recover compensatory and punitive damages for the significant harm that Mr. Hill caused by his intentional and reckless misconduct,” the lawsuit states.

According to Hall, the altercation stemmed from a playful exchange over social media in May 2023, followed by an invitation from Hill to attend his “Tyreek Hill Football Camp” in June.

Hall alleges that after the camp, Hill invited her to his mansion, where the incident occurred.

(Credit: Instagram: sophiesselfies224 / Broward County Court)

The lawsuit details that during a football drill, Hill became “enraged” after Hall successfully held her own against him, causing laughter among onlookers.

Subsequently, Hill allegedly charged into Hall with great force during another play, resulting in a fracture to her right leg.

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Despite the injury, Hall claims Hill failed to provide adequate medical attention, merely advising her to rest and providing a bed to lay down and ice her leg.

Hall sought medical help upon returning home and was diagnosed with a right leg fracture on July 1, 2023.

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In the lawsuit, Hall also references Hill’s past legal issues, including a 2014 incident where he pleaded guilty to felony domestic assault and battery by strangulation and subsequent child abuse allegations.

Hill also faced child abuse charges in 2019 when he was accused of breaking his son’s arm. Although it was determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to find him guilty. 

Recently, Hill has faced a monsoon of paternity lawsuits…

As far as this current situation with Sophie, obviously something smells fishy.

However, time will (hopefully) tell what exactly happened at Hill’s mansion that day.

What are your thoughts on all of Hill’s legal troubles and this most recent accusation in particular?

As far as actual football goes, where do you rank Hill among the top receivers in the NFL???