Home MLB PHOTO: Top MLB Insider Breaks Back In Horrific Accident

PHOTO: Top MLB Insider Breaks Back In Horrific Accident

PHOTO: Top MLB Insider Breaks Back In Horrific Accident

ESPN’s renowned MLB insider, Jeff Passan, revealed on Monday that he sustained a broken back following an unfortunate incident at his Kansas City residence.

Regarding as one of the best baseball insiders in the business, Passan took to Twitter to share the news, displaying his characteristic humor even in the face of adversity.

“During cleanup after a big storm in KC, a large tree limb decided to fall and crush me,” Passan tweeted. “The good news: I still have use of my arms, legs, and Twitter fingers. The bad news: I have a broken back.”

Despite the serious injury, Passan remains optimistic about his recovery. “The vertebra fracture will heal,” he assured his followers. “I will be better. I’m hoping the pain subsides between now and the trade deadline, though painkiller-fueled tweets could be a fun time.”

Any potential drop-off in his coverage could prove to be a significant loss for ESPN, especially with the MLB trade deadline approaching on August 1st. However, it seems that Passan is determined not to let the injury hinder his work.

Colleagues and fans alike have rallied behind Passan, sending him messages of support and wishing him a speedy recovery. Several MLB teams and players have also expressed their well-wishes, emphasizing the impact Passan has made on the sport through his reporting.

Passan’s resilience and determination to continue reporting during his recovery period have garnered admiration from his peers. Despite the challenges ahead, it appears that his dedication to his craft remains unwavering.

As the baseball world eagerly awaits the upcoming trade deadline, fans can rest assured that Passan will strive to deliver his expert insights and updates despite the painful situation he finds himself in.

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Is Passan the best MLB Insider in the business?



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