PHOTO: Packers President Mark Murphy Brutally Roasts His Own Fans While Taking Shot At Rival … Is Green Bay Becoming Classless??

In his monthly column on the Green Bay Packers official website, CEO Mark Murphy demonstrated both resilience and humor as he addressed criticism from fans and even responded to a fan’s humorous job application.

One disgruntled fan, identified as Justin M. from Tucson, didn’t hold back in expressing his dissatisfaction with the team’s direction under Murphy’s leadership.

In an email, Justin bluntly urged Murphy to retire, questioning his competency and leadership abilities.

“I am emailing today to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction with the franchise and its direction during your tenure as CEO,” Justin wrote.

“I believe it is long overdue for you to retire and give control of the organization to someone else who is more properly prepared to take the team into the future. Your leadership has been inept.”

“You do not deserve to lead such a storied franchise. Please disappear into retirement ether. Nobody likes you. You have never been a good executive. I wish you the worst in your twilight years.”

Responding to Justin’s scathing remarks, Murphy displayed a composed demeanor, acknowledging the feedback and revealing that he is slated to retire in July 2025 as per the team’s by-laws.

“Thanks for sharing your opinion, Justin,” Murphy writes. “I also appreciate the 11 other emails you’ve recently sent with similar suggestions. I get your point. You will be pleased to know that I am required to retire in July 2025 under our by-laws.”

Murphy’s ability to handle criticism with grace reflects the professionalism and stability of the Packers corporate structure.

Despite the occasional negative feedback, the team benefits from a well-defined succession plan, ensuring a smooth transition to new leadership.

In another instance of engaging with fans, Murphy responded to a tongue-in-cheek job application from a fan named Bill, who humorously applied for the Packers defensive coordinator position.

Of course, Green Bay decided to go with Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley as their new defensive coordinator, but Murphy was kind enough to respond to Bill (and couldn’t help giving a shot to the rival Chicago Bears while he was at it).

“Bill, Thanks so much for your cover letter and resume regarding our Defensive Coordinator position. While your fantasy football experience is impressive, I regret to inform you that we have decided to go in a different direction. I hear the Bears have an opening – you look to be a perfect fit for them. Thanks again. Sincerely-Mark,” the letter read.

You have to admire and respect Murphy not only responding to fans but also doing so with humanity and humor. 

There’s a reason why the Packers are one of the best-run franchises in the entire NFL. 

What are your thoughts on Murphy’s funny response?

As far as the actual team goes, what do the Packers need to do this offseason to take the next step?

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