PHOTO: Major College Coach Gets In Trouble For Posing Shirtless On Beach With School’s Dance Team…

It’s been an eventful season for Coastal Carolina. 

At 7-5, they are getting set to play San Jose State in the Hawaii Bowl on Saturday.

Christmas in Hawaii is not necessarily my cup of tea … But many people love the idea of the beach and the sun in December.

You can count head coach Tim Beck as one of these people … You could see by the smile on his face in this picture just how much he’s enjoying his time in Hawaii. 

Unfortunately, Beck and the school faced backlash for the picture.

Some people thought the head coach posing shirtless alongside the school’s dance team was in poor taste. 

Coastal Carolina decided to delete the photo which they had posted on their X account. 

As far as actually football goes, the Chanticleers will be playing without their star quarterback Grayson McCall who recently transferred to NC State and won’t be playing in Saturday’s bowl game. 

With McCall’s absence, Beck and the Chanticleers will turn to redshirt freshman quarterback Ethan Vasko to lead the team.

Now, getting back to the main topic at hand…

What are your thoughts on the photo “controversy” ???