PHOTO: Kentucky Linebacker J.J. Weaver Has SIX Fingers!

J.J. Weaver, the talented linebacker from the University of Kentucky, revealed his inspiring journey from being picked on as a kid to becoming an inspiration for children dealing with similar situations.

During SEC media days in Nashville, Weaver shared how he overcame difficulties arising from being born with six fingers on his right hand and how he now seeks to give back to the community.

Recalling his early struggles, Weaver spoke about the challenges of finding gloves that fit his unique hand shape. “I used to put like, two pinkies in one glove, you know,” he said, reminiscing about the days when he was trying to fit in with standard-sized gloves.

However, with the advent of Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities for college athletes, Weaver and his mother saw a chance to address this issue.

“With Nike, me and my mom, we sat down, and we talked about something about my hand,” he explained. “So me and my mom ended up contacting Nike, we ended up making a name for it called ‘A Perfect Fit,’ because it’s a perfect fit for my hand, for the gloves. So they made me an extra six-fingered glove.”

The creation of the specialized six-fingered glove proved to be a game-changer for Weaver. With newfound confidence, he now seeks to inspire and support other children facing similar challenges.

Weaver recently visited an elementary school, where he met two children who, like him, had six fingers on one hand.

“When I was younger, I used to get picked on a lot, being different,” Weaver candidly admitted, reflecting on the difficulties he encountered during his early years. “People didn’t see this (kind of thing) growing up. Plus, we were kids. Kids were ugly, making fun and stuff like that.”

However, as he grew older and got involved in football, Weaver found his passion and refuge in the sport. “Started playing football. Got into it. Loved it. Then went to the University of Kentucky, they helped me, and that’s when I started expressing myself.”

Since embracing his uniqueness, Weaver has become a role model for others. His encounter with the two children at the elementary school fueled his motivation to make a difference in the lives of those who might feel marginalized due to their differences.

He now uses his platform to reach out to children and share his story of resilience and acceptance.

“My logo is, ‘A Perfect Fit,’ that’s what I call myself going around, and I’ve been helping the community out,” Weaver proudly stated, illustrating his commitment to giving back.

The impact of Weaver’s journey and his customized six-fingered glove has already started to make waves, not only in the sports world but also in the lives of children who find comfort and inspiration in his story.