Phillies Manager Disgusted With Ronald Acuna’s Showboat Celebrations: Act Like You’ve Been There Before!

The Atlanta Braves have won their sixth straight NL East championship.

Considered to be the best team in baseball, the Braves have had plenty to celebrate this season. 

However, some people think they do a little bit too much celebrating. Especially when it comes to hitting home runs. 

Atlanta’s leader when it comes to show-boating is star slugger Ronald Acuña Jr. After hitting his 37th home run earlier this week in Philadelphia, he made sure to savor the moment.

However, many, including Phillies manager Rob Thomson thought he savored it just a little too much.

Speaking to WIP, Thomson said: “I like our guys to act like they’ve been there before.”

It was a clear shot at Acuña and his cocky celebrations. 

The controversy stemmed from Acuña’s wing-flapping gesture during his home run celebration, seemingly in homage to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The contrasting reactions of Acuña and Thomson highlight the generation gap in baseball culture. While Acuña’s celebration was seen as a way to engage younger fans and inject fun into the game, Thomson’s disapproval showcased the old-school perspective.

Had Acuña done that in the old days, the next pitch he saw would be in his ear.

However, those days seem to be over now.

What are your thoughts on Acuña’s celebration? 

Was it excessive? Disrespectful? Or do you look at it as him just having a little fun?