Peter King Reports That Matt Eberflus Could Be Fired If Bears Lose Ugly To Washinton Tomorrow

Very few NFL reporters are as respected or as well-connected than Peter King of NBC Sports.

This is precisely why he made headlines across the football world when he appeared on 670 The Score in Chicago to discuss the ongoing mess surrounding the Bears.

King expressed his deep concerns about just how ugly the situation in Chicago is and suggested that a bad loss to the Washington Commanders on Thursday night could lead directly to the firing of head coach Matt Eberflus.

“You cannot lose 14 games in a row and think you should hold onto your job,” King said. “So I would not be surprised if it’s a bad loss on Thursday, and the Bears make a change … It just wouldn’t be surprising.”

King’s remarks come in the wake of the Chicago’s horrific 14-game losing streak under Eberflus, a streak that has left fans in a deep state of anger and frustration over the team’s leadership and direction.┬á

While King suggested that Eberflus is certainly on the hot seat, he did not believe that the team would necessarily part ways with general manager Ryan Poles.

“I would be surprised if they totally clean house and went and got a new general manager as well – that doesn’t seem that logical to me,” King said.

Saying that Eberflus is on the hot seat is not breaking any ground.

However, saying that Eberflus may not survive another lopsided loss is interesting (and certainly understandable).

All eyes will be on the Bears primetime matchup tomorrow in Washington. If you’re a Bears fan who hates Eberflus and wants him out, you just may be better off putting on your Sam Howell jersey and root for a Commanders blowout.

What do you think about the mess in Chicago?

Does Eberflus deserve to be fired?

Clearly, he’s not the ONLY problem … What else needs to be done?