Penn State Reporter Received Death Threats After Asking James Franklin “Skin Curling” Question

Penn State head coach James Franklin found himself in an uncomfortable situation during his press conference on Tuesday when a reporter’s question left him bewildered.

The exchange unfolded as a media member asked a follow-up question regarding the quarterback play of Drew Allar.

The reporter, via Zoom, inquired: “Is there a balance, though, between, ‘Hey, we need to throw the ball deep no matter what, just take a shot. Don’t overthink it. Take a shot. We need to see it. We’re gonna call it, and we need you to get some confidence in doing this,’ as opposed to not giving a young quarterback a chance and saying, ‘Check it down if it’s not there’.”

Franklin appeared taken aback and responded: “My skin is curling when you say, ‘Just drop back and chuck it deep no matter what.’ I don’t even know what you’re saying. It’s like you’re speaking from Mars.”

The questioner in this awkward exchange was identified as Cory Giger, a reporter from

Most people knew what Giger was asking, but Franklin’s response is what made the exchange go viral. 

In acknowledging a misstep, Giger took to X to express: “I asked a bad question to James Franklin, no doubt. I own it. The idea was sound, but I worded the question very poorly. I’ve tried to roll with the criticism. But when people message saying I should kill myself or they wish I would actually get murdered… that’s difficult. It’s just football.”

Bad question? Debatable.

Question worthy of DEATH THREATS? … Speechless. 

Regardless, Penn State will look to continue their undefeated streak when they take on UMass tomorrow. (Something tells me they shouldn’t have too much trouble with that one.)

What did you think of Giger’s question and Franklin’s response?