Paul Finebaum Says One Major SEC Head Coach May Soon Be Fired…

As we get deeper and deeper into the college football season, hot seats for certain coaches are becoming scorching.

We know the list of those who are certainly coaching for their jobs this season – but ESPN’s Paul Finebaum believes there’s one SEC head coach in particular who is in grave danger of being fired. 

The lightning-rod himself, Jimbo Fisher!

At 5-4, Texas A&M is in the middle of another mediocre season – One that could finally prove to be the nail in the coffin for the heavily-scrutinized Fisher. 

If Fisher is to be fired, Finebaum discussed possible replacements for the Aggies – including Ole Miss head coach (and fellow lightning-rod) Lane Kiffin…

“Lane Kiffin seems very happy where he is … Does he want to deal with all that? I mean, he’s already coached for the Raiders where you have an ego maniacal owner. He’s coached at Southern Cal, which is as tough as it gets … There may be something out there for Lincoln, but it’s not there,” Finebaum said on The Matt Barrie Show.

Meanwhile, other names have been floated, including former A&M defensive coordinator Mike Elko (now the head coach at Duke). 

“The only name you people keep throwing up is Mike Elko but like, I mean, that would be a really big risk … I don’t care how good a coach he is. To put him in that environment with Texas coming into the SEC, I mean, they have a serious problem at A&M,” Finebaum said.

“I’m stating the obvious here. I’ll try not to do that. They’ve got to figure this out. And they really, (Jimbo) has no more real estate to change anyone’s mind. I mean, the only game left on the schedule that matters is at LSU on the final weekend, and beating a three-loss LSU team is not going to change anyone’s mind,” he added. 

Is this the year Fisher finally gets fired?

Will A&M bite the bullet on his massive contract and actually pull the trigger?

If so, who should replace him in College Station???