Paul Finebaum Outraged Over Suspension of LSU’s Star Player

LSU’s defensive star, Maason Smith, is set to miss the team’s opening game against Florida State, leaving many fans and experts stunned. The NCAA suspended Smith for a game after he received a benefit that wasn’t allowed.

Though Smith worked with the NCAA during their investigation, he still faced the suspension.

Speaking on his show, Paul Finebaum, an analyst for SEC Network and ESPN, shared his thoughts on Smith’s suspension.

“Maason Smith was at that signing event before the rules allowed it,” said Finebaum. He suggested that the NCAA should have been more understanding, letting Smith play despite this small oversight.

Finebaum expressed his frustration, saying, “This is the first time I’ve really seen the NCAA’s tendency to overreach. In Maason Smith’s case, they didn’t look out for the player.”

The suspension hits harder since Smith had previously missed a year due to a severe knee injury. He’ll be absent from one of LSU’s most significant games in 2023 over what seems to be a minor detail.

Finebaum didn’t hold back his feelings, stating, “This is why so many dislike the NCAA. No matter who’s in charge, they seem to always get it wrong.”