Paul Finebaum Calls Out Nick Saban For “Most Puzzling Statement” He’s “Ever Heard”

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban announced on Monday that Jalen Milroe will reclaim the starting quarterback position for the Crimson Tide.

The decision has ignited a firestorm of debate within the college football world.

With SEC play beginning this weekend and Saban welcoming old “friend” Lane Kiffin and his Ole Miss Rebels to Tuscaloosa, Bama has a major quarterback problem on their hands.

Milroe got his job back – but not because of anything positive he did. It was more because of the incompetent play of backup quarterback Tyler Buchner (and to a less degree, Ty Simpson).

Well, Milroe actually did do something positive according to Saban. And as it turns out, it was exactly what won him his starting spot back. 

“From a quarterback standpoint, this is all I’m going to say about this – you know, Jalen really showed the leadership that I was looking for during the game in terms of supporting his teammates and doing the things that he needed to do,” Saban said.

“He’s had the opportunity to play. So have the other guys. Jalen played the best of all those guys. So I think he’s earned the opportunity to be the quarterback.”

ESPN college football guru Paul Finebaum was stunned at Saban’s comments…

“I’ve covered Nick Saban since the day he arrived in the SEC and this is maybe the most puzzling statement I’ve ever heard him make. I don’t know how you pull a guy, who you had named your starter in the first game. He struggled in the second game against Texas. And then you name [him] the backup. You don’t play the guy, and now he’s your best player, because he showed leadership – essentially being a cheerleader during the game,” Finebaum said on ESPN.

“I mean, I don’t know how you can unpack that one any better than what I’ve just said. And it still doesn’t make any sense.”

The recent quarterback shuffle for the Crimson Tide began when Buchner started the last game against USF. Buchner completed just 5 of 14 passes for 34 yards, failing to throw a touchdown.

Simpson also saw playing time, going 5-for-9 passing for 73 yards and scoring on a quarterback sneak.

The game against USF was a struggle for Alabama, with the score tied at 3 at halftime before the Crimson Tide eventually secured a 17-3 victory. It was clear that the offense was not firing on all cylinders, prompting yet another quarterback change.

Finebaum speculated: “I think Nick Saban realized that he doesn’t have any other quarterbacks. Milroe is a big-play artist. He can break a play as well as he can throw an interception. And that’s his best chance of winning, whatever that means.”

Clearly, Alabama has a quarterback problem. 

You can’t feel confident with any of the three. (Maybe Saban should see what Dylan Lonergan can do.)

Is it indeed Milroe who gives the Tide the best chance to win?