Paul Finebaum Bashes Jim Harbaugh & Michigan For The “Worst Schedule” He’s Ever Seen

The Michigan Wolverines are off to a predictably blazing start to the season.

However, despite their early success, critics have argued that their victories have come against cupcake opponents.

Most major programs play their fair share of cupcakes, especially early in the season. However, Michigan is one of the programs that tends to really load up on them. 

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum has been a vocal critic of Michigan’s early-season performance, citing their soft schedule as the reason for their undefeated record.

Finebaum expressed his concerns while appearing on The Matt Burrie Show, stating: “Talk about when are they going to play a good team? I know there’s a few on the schedule, but it doesn’t seem like we’ve seen Michigan tested at all.”

He went on to draw comparisons, saying: “They don’t play anyone until at Penn State, November 11th. Like, we rip on Georgia’s schedule, (this) is the worst schedule I’ve ever seen.”

“There’s no reason for one of the greatest programs in college football history to have that kind of schedule … Michigan-Penn State is circled pretty brightly on my calendar.”

Again, Michigan is far from the only program who schedules like this. However, it does lead to (fair) criticism such as Finebaum’s.

Do you think the Wolverines are for real?

Not to jump ahead, but do you think they will go undefeated and win the national championship?