Paul Finebaum Back To Being Jim Harbaugh Critic: Says Michigan Won’t Make Playoff

As the 2023 college football season approaches, the Michigan Wolverines find themselves grappling with uncertainty as reports of a potential four-game suspension for Head Coach Jim Harbaugh circulate.

The suspension comes in the wake of allegations that Harbaugh lied to investigators probing recruiting violations linked to the Michigan football program.

While the final decision rests with the NCAA Committee on Infractions, ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum cautions that the team’s aspirations may be tempered in light of this development.

The reported suspension, allegedly agreed upon by Harbaugh and the NCAA, remains subject to approval by the Committee on Infractions, which has the authority to modify the penalty as deemed appropriate for the alleged violation.

In response to the news of the potential suspension, Finebaum opined that Michigan’s hopes of making it to the college football playoffs may be compromised.

There’s no doubt that Michigan is a legitimate national championship contender, and even if suspended for four games, the Wolverines should still be able to welcome Harbaugh back with an undefeated record.

However, Finebaum couldn’t overlook the competitive edge that he believes Ohio State currently possesses, despite losing two games in a row to Michigan.

“I say no. They’re capable of it, and they have everything you need to get there, but I think Lady Luck is going to go against them this time,” Finebaum expressed during an interview with On3 Sports when asked about Michigan’s playoff prospects this season.

“The team to beat in the Big Ten is Ohio State, and I think ultimately that’s where Michigan moves from inside the cutline to outside.”

Most people disagree with Finebaum’s take. Ohio State, while still an elite contender themselves, enter this season with more question marks than Buckeyes Head Coach Ryan Day would like. 

Meanwhile, you could make the argument that Harbaugh’s entire tenure at Michigan has all led up to this season with this particular team, who is as well-balanced and dangerous as it gets.

Do you agree with Finebaum? 

Who will have the better season – Michigan or Ohio State?

Will either win the national championship?