Patriots Bring Back CB J.C. Jackson In What Could Be A Genius Move For Bill Belichick

The Los Angeles Chargers almost instantly regretted giving cornerback J.C. Jackson the massive five-year, $82.5 million contract that they did a year ago.

He clearly hasn’t worked out on the field … And neither was off the field where he was reportedly becoming a major headache. 

It got to the point where the Chargers desperately wanted to cut their losses and ship him out of town.

In comes none other than Bill Belichick!

Sure enough, the Chargers traded Jackson back to his old team, the New England Patriots, in exchange for a 2025 sixth-round pick … The Chargers are also sending a 2025 seventh-round pick to New England.

In other words, the Chargers traded Jackson to the Patriots for nothing … Not only that, they will also pay the majority of Jackson’s contract!

According to reports, the two sides are reworking Jackson’s remaining $9.33 million salary for 2023, with New England covering around $1.5 million and the Chargers covering the rest in a signing bonus.

Jackson’s contract, which runs through the 2026 season, stays intact otherwise.

This trade comes at a crucial time for both teams. The Patriots, who have experienced a mixed start to the season, are looking to strengthen their defense, while the Chargers are making a move following a series of disappointments involving Jackson.

Pulling of the deal was extra-important for Belichick and company as they received word that their star rookie cornerback Christian Gonzalez is likely done for the season with a torn labrum.

The trade is expected to provide Jackson with a fresh start after a challenging period with the Chargers after four successful seasons in New England.

During his final year with the Patriots, Jackson was an All-Pro and ranked second in the NFL with eight interceptions.

However, his transition to the Chargers was marked by legal troubles, injuries, and underwhelming performance.

Last season, Jackson allowed a career-worst 149.3 passer rating when targeted before suffering a season-ending patellar tendon rupture in his right knee in Week 7.

This season, his performance has continued to struggle, allowing a 72.0 passer rating when targeted, which is the second worst of his career. By comparison, in his last season with the Patriots, he allowed a remarkable 46.8 passer rating when targeted.

Signs of trouble began to surface when Jackson was a healthy inactive for the first time since his rookie season in the Chargers Week 3 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

In the Chargers’ subsequent game against the Las Vegas Raiders, Jackson was active but did not see any playing time, further fueling speculation about his future with the team. 

At the age of 27, Jackson is now given a chance to rekindle his career in New England, where he enjoyed immense success earlier in his career.

The Patriots, who have faced their own struggles, are hopeful that Jackson can recapture his All-Pro form and provide a boost to their defense.

What do you think about the trade?

Can Jackson regain his All-Pro form?

Or are those days long gone?